Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Backup My Contacts?

You can backup your contacts easily using the Cyborion App. It allows you to backup your contacts to your email address. You will be able later to retrieve them using the import feature or by scanning the generated QR code.

How To Update My Apps?

The Google Play app updates will be provided to you automatically.

How To Update My Android System?

Normally updating your smartphone should be as easy as clicking the update button when you receive the notification. However, if your smartphone is rooted like some Cyborion models, you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Open Magisk Manager and tap “Uninstall” then choose “Restore Images”.
Warning: Don’t reboot your phone or when asked.

Step 2 – Update your system from (Settings → System → System Update).
Warning: Don’t reboot your phone after the update or when asked.

Step 3 – Open the Magisk Manager again and tap on:
Install → Install → Install To Inactive Slot (After OTA)

Step 4 – Allow Magisk Manager to reboot your device by tapping on “Reboot”.

How To Maintain Your Cyborion Smartphone On Daily Basis?

  1. Backup your data frequently offline and to the Cloud. Use our amazing 2TB of Cloud Storage that is offered with all of our smartphones to keep all your data safe.
  2. Install only the apps that you absolutely need and be careful when installing applications from outside the Google Play store especially if they come from unknown vendors.
  3. Keep your phone clean and install your favorite antivirus.
  4. Use our provided VPN when required and avoid visiting suspicious websites.
  5. Keep your applications up to date at all times.

How To Use The Cyborion Warranty Card?

Every Cyborion product comes with a Warranty card. It will be sent to your email address upon your purchase. This card can be used in our dedicated support page in case the product did not work as expected. The support page and all the details will be given to you upon your first purchase. All of our products pass through a long list of checks to ensure the best possible quality before shipping them to our clients.

What Is The Cyborion Hardware Premium Care?

Please check all the details of the Cyborion Hardware Premium Care at the following page:

How To Ask For Help & Support?

All of our clients can use the general contact form to reach us or they can contact us through our dedicated clients’ support page. The link to our dedicated support portal will be provided to you upon your first purchase.

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