Rooted Smartphones Give You Total Control You can "flash" variations of the Android operating system that may be more convenient. You can get apps that allow you to have super-powers and do things that the phone carriers and phone makers wouldn't ordinarily allow you to do.

As your Cyborion device is already rooted, it automatically gains these extra benefits. Including speed and stability as you have full control over your device without any restrictions or limits.
Cyborion Oberon Smartphone Rooted Smartphone

SENNHEISER For PC, Mac, PS4 & Multi-Platform Serious gamers need serious equipment. When the competition steps up, the GSP 600 professional gaming headset delivers. Ergonomically designed ear pads and adjustable headband ensure superior wearing comfort. Freedom of movement is secured by the durable metal hinge system ensuring a perfect fit that allows you to fully experience exceptional audio performance. VIEW PRODUCT Cyborion Gaming Headset

Mechanical Key Switches Cherry MX Red / Blue / Brown 1000Hz ultra-polling/1ms response keys All keys can be programmed offline no need to be programmed for the computer host Can be toggled between the standard layer and user programmed layer by one hotkey Can be toggled between the standard USB 6-key rollover and USB true N-key rollover by a hotkey With elegant double shot keycap for key with embedded LED lens Slim edge designs but has a strong metal frame Use 2 layer FR4 PCB to increase the key soldering reliability With multimedia keys multiplexed with the function keys Support deactivation of the Windows keys. VIEW PRODUCT Cyborion Gaming Keyboard

Sensitive Swithes Life 20 million cycles Incorporating a snapping mechanism made with two highly precise split springs that ensures long durability. Using insertion molded terminals that prevents flux penetration. In addition to self-clinching PCB, left-angled, right-angled terminals, 2 types of soldering terminals are available. Lineup of 5A type for high load applications. OMRON Swithes DPI SWITCH 8200 offers dramatic improvements in high speed motion detection up to 150ips and 30G acceleration VIEW PRODUCT Cyborion Gaming Mouse Modular Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse Avago A9800 Sensor

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